Monday, March 24, 2014

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Invitation to free new website in Charlotte that helps moms better manage their kids’ group activities

Hello fellow Mommies, 

I am a mom here in Charlotte and the creator of a new website called Podanize, which helps moms, dads and group leaders better organize their kids’ group activities (e.g. soccer, scouts, school classes, etc.)

Kids today are over scheduled, and keeping up is a challenge: 

·         What day did I volunteer at school to go read with the kids?
·         Who is driving to the scout meeting?
·         When am I signed up to bring the team’s snacks? 

These are just a few of the many little details that busy parents have to keep straight.  Try as we might, something inevitably falls through the cracks.  We all need a little help to stay organized.

I’d like to invite you to join our brand new website, and we’re giving local moms the first opportunity.  To join, just go to and click Get Started to create a “Pod” for any real-world group, or even just your family for now. You can create a Pod if you’re a group leader or a group member. It’s quick, easy and free.  Then “get your Pod going” by adding discussions or events, and inviting others to join your Pod.  Podanize can also be accessed via a mobile browser, and our mobile app will be available in late 2013.

Our mission at Podanize is to help ease the stress that comes with keeping our kids active and involved.  To this end, we welcome any feedback you have.  Podanize is for you and is built to get better over time by adding your suggestions – I’d love to hear from you. Also, if you know of other moms (or dads) who might benefit from Podanize, please share this with them.

Podanize is ideal for all extra-curricular activities: soccer, little league, playgroups, scout troops, swim teams, theater groups, school classes, PTA, etc. The list is endless and includes anything with a need for ongoing communication and coordination.

Again, just go to to get started.

Nikki Sacks
Co-Founder of Podanize

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sponsors Spot : Animal Grossology at Discovery Place

Animal Grossology: Turning "EWWW" into "WOW"

Slime, barf, and other smelly stuff - there's no denying it - kids are fascinated by some pretty gross things, especially when animals are involved.

Many animals are dirty and stinky, but some take their grossness to a whole new level.  Animal Grossology at Discovery Place in Charlotte hurls you into exploring the disgusting side of science where the grosser, the better.

Combining science and disgusting fun, Animal Grossology engages kids of all ages in real life lessons that are presented in a fun showcase oozing with science.  This interactive exhibition sparks children's interest in science while learning about some of the slimiest and ickiest creatures on Earth.

Kids get to enjoy hands-on stations and games that feature tons of gross topics including "Dung Ball Rally," "Blood Sucker Blow-up," and "The Slime Game."  These wacky games teach kids lessons such as why the waste of some animals actually helps others live, ways to avoid Lyme disease or West Nile virus, and the important purpose slime serves for animals and even humans.

Meet Sir Gus Flea and Helga the Hagfish as you become an expert on the science behind Animal Grossology.  Many people think leeches are pretty gross but they're often used after some surgeries to aid in the healing process.  Did you know that cows are one of the gassiest animals on Earth? They actually produce the greenhouse gas, methane.

You can also discover why the dung beetle is nature's living pooper-scooper and why scientists are studying slug and snail slime production for clues in treating cystic fibrosis.

Be sure to join us for a journey into the en-GROSS-ing world of animals.  It's a great way to show kids that learning can be fun.

Animal Grossology is FREE with Museum admission.
Monday, July 22, 2013

Oh What Fun We Had

      This weekend my niece and nephew were staying with us. I love them two dearly. Before I went back to work full time I was able to spend much more time with them. I'm not always confident as a mother but as Aunt Pammy I am awesome! Razz We decided to take the gang to CPM's Family Bowling Event. Getting there was a challenge. My moody preteen DD didn't want to go, my son couldn't find a clean shirt in that mess he calls a bedroom, and my niece dropped her phone in the toilet. The next obstacle was squeezing into the car. Our Impala seats 6 but not comfortably. This kid didn't want to sit next to that kid, He was touching her, etc. etc. etc. We were definitely going to be late! The question was how late?

Surprisingly we arrived 15 after 1pm. Not to shabby in my book! Laughing I didn't see anyone I knew. We decided to go ahead and get checked in. Everyone got some snazzy shoes and we headed to our lane. We had just began to bowl when a lady along with a couple small children arrived. Immediately my DS assumed she was a mommy and that I knew her. I explained that CPM is a rather large group and although I may know a lot of the mommies I didn't know them all. That is what makes these events so wonderful. They are an opportunity to put a face with a screen name.

Seconds later Grace (LittleSluijterFamily) along with several of her cutie pie siblings arrived. No Amelia (Grace's dd) but she did have some cute cookies in the shape of bowling pins and balls! After talking to Grace I learned the lady who entered seconds before her was a CPM momma after all!! It was our very own Sawyersmom also known as Jessica. I was very excited to finally meet her.

Everyone settled into their lanes and began to bowl. I would like to take a minute and apologize to all that were at Foxfire Lanes that day. My family was the loud and obnoxious group. Embarassed We were laughing our butts off picking on one another. We are not very good at bowling (the bumpers were evidence of that) but we are great at having fun even if it's at each others expense.

Our first game was moving along well. There was some intense competition between my niece Nikki and my DH. Suddendly I see what has to be one of the most cutest little red headed boys ever! It was hmchurchgirl's (Heather) little one Gabe! Little did Gabe know he would be blamed for my niece losing to her Uncle J. You see, this was Gabe's first time bowling and he was so much fun to watch. He gave his all pushing that ball and cheering it down the lane. When he would knock pins down his little face would light up with excitement. It really was a precious sight. Saying Gabe's cuteness was distracting her was a poor excuse at best and Uncle J didn't let her live it down the rest of the day.

The games came to an end and slowly everyone began to leave. Two games and zero wins for me. I still had a fantastic time. I was finally able to meet Jessica and was able to see some familiar faces too. The best was spending time with my family and watching all the little people have fun taking turns knocking pins down.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


The weather is getting warmer, days are getting longer, and school well that will be done in 3.5 weeks! How has this year flown by so fast??? In fact how has life flown by so fast??? It seems like yesterday I was coming home from the hospital with my baby girl in my arms. Now???? Well Now that baby girl is an Honor student 3.5 weeks away from 7th grade. My other baby???? 3.5 weeks away from finishing K.  Me well heck I'm almost 3.................something. And am I where I want to be? Am I where I thought I would be? 

Nope not really. See I always thought I would have a huge family, work with children and have your typical life. What I have??? 2 girls and my family is complete, working with a bunch of grown men that act like children, and a burning desire to have a self reliant homestead where I don't have to depend on the outside world if I don't have to. The desire to home school my children, to work in the garden and with the animals. (now I do have 4 hens, 18 chicks, and 2 dogs) 

I guess all the upcoming changes from school routine, to summer routine is what got me thinking about all the changes in life. Changes from my plan, changes from my wants, changes from my thoughts. But changes that show I am growing as a person and that remind me that even though I may not be where I want to be in life, I'm changing my path to get there.
Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Our Moderator of the Month is...


Sheila, one of our Cabarrus/Western Stanly County Area Group moderators, is our April Moderator of the Month! 

Check out the Mommy Forum for more fun information about her!

What is your favorite movie? It changes by the season.  I love old school Disney, but am currently on a Jane Austen Kick - Emma and Pride and Prejudice. 

What is your least favorite household chore? Lately, all of them.  But generally laundry winds up being the most 
tedious because I'm always chasing washer cycles and trying to make sure I don't dry (and shrink) things I shouldn't. 

Who is your idol? Someone you look up to? My Great Aunt Gertrude. She passed away while I was in HS, but she was an amazing woman who taught me SO MUCH. She believed that a young lady should be able to take care of herself, but should also know how to be a lady. 

What are your favorite television shows? I'm a total NCIS and Bones junkie. We're also very in to Castle here. I used to be big in to CSI too, but lost interest over the last couple seasons. 

If we were to interview your best friend, how would she/he describe you? Crafty or Nerdy, depending on which of my 2 besties you asked.  Oddly enough, both are English Majors... one is my crafting "enabler" and we're always getting in over our heads on some project or other... the other is my best pal from College and we just get in to dorky mischief, share books, and baffle our respective husbands.  

What is something you are passionate about? As cliche as it is, I'm most passionate about being a mom. Everything boils down to taking the best care I can of my little guy. But we're also very into medieval reenactment as a family, and are talking about getting involved with the local SCA. 
When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up? I was determined to be a doctor when I was growing up. I was going to be a neonatologist. Then around Junior year of High School I realized that since I got sick at the drop of a hat, working in a hospital with sick people was not the brightest of ideas. I thought about teaching biology, but my HS bf was headed that way, and my mom vetoed it because she thought I was just following him,  so I went to school for Spanish instead. I still love science tho, and took as many classes as I could in college without changing my major. 

Who was your movie/television star crush from your high school days: I really didn't have one. I joke that I hit puberty late... although I dated and everything in HS, I really wasn't real boy crazy until college, and even then never really crushed on people the way my sisters did. I also had NO CLUE that guys were interested in me... it's been kind of interesting as my friends and I have gotten older and started reminiscing about old-times, just how much I was clueless about.  

What was your favorite subject in school I had my top 3: Science, Math, and Spanish. I was fortunate enough to have some really great teachers in all 3 subjects. 

What is your favorite thing you do to pamper yourself I love to sink into a warm, lavender scented bubble bath. Unfortunately, so does my boyo, so it's a luxury I don't get to enjoy without interruption very often. In the summer I like to curl up on my porch with a good book though, and I can usually get away with that.  

What is something you'd like to do but haven't? Travel. I would love to visit Ireland and Spain. 

What is your favorite thing about being a mother? Snuggles. We're mostly AP, and Connor has always been a snuggler. 

How did you come to join CPM? I'm a member of BuffaloMommies back home, so the first thing I did when we got the job offer and made the decision to move down here was check to see what the local TMN chapter was. 
Thank you Shelia for all you do to support Cabbarus County moms! We appreciate you.

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